SUSCITO has been set up to help applicants GAIN COMPETITIVE EDGE in the overall recruitment process by providing expert advice and teach techniques on how to approach each stage in the recruitment process



Tokunbo was moved with compassion during the pandemic when under represented groups were adversely affected in the areas of employment. She decided to act, Sessionswithtoks was birthed.


From her sitting room she delivered many workshops, seminars, 1-2-1 & group sessions to support job ready applicants in navigating the recruitment process.


Changed our name from Sessionswithtoks & registered as Suscito Ltd as the name represented our mission to “stir, awaken, uplift” ethnic minority groups by coaching, equipping, supporting applicants.


Our 1st virtual event was supported by “The National Lottery Community fund” on Career & Employment Workshop on Saturday 6th August 2022.

Received the Influential Role Model & Mentors Award (IRMM).


Olatokunbo Sonowo was awarded The Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year Award.


To coach, empower and create awareness about Job opportunities in the Public & Private sector for the under represented groups.

To support vulnerable women especially those who have been victims of domestic violence to restore their confidence and self-esteem and support them to re-integrate into society.

To create opportunity, support and build aspirations for social mobility - progress and promotion.

To provide "One-on-One" and group Soft Skills coaching to the young and vulnerable within the community in order to build their self-esteem and confidence.

To support, provide information and guidance about various recruitment options and career paths.

We have always had a passion for making a difference within the community. During the pandemic, it became obvious that under represented groups were more adversely affected in the area of employment. There were redundancies, furloughs & reduction in hours.

Having had the opportunity to sit on numerous interview panels and reviewed many applications we have identified challenges faced by applicants when applying for employment. We decided to use our extensive expertise to “serve” our community and this was the birth of Suscito Ltd. A body to create awareness, empower, equip & support applicants via:

  1. Seminars: Providing seminars that give clarity and guidance on how to apply for employment
  2. Coaching workshops: Providing regular coaching workshops that help applicants develop required confidence thereby helping to reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Community: Gaining access to the wider community (e.g. Facebook, Faith groups,  Social Media platforms & WhatsApp groups, etc.)
  4. Hand holding session: Access to customised one-on-one sessions crafted to meet individual needs


Tokunbo Sonowo Founder/CEO Suscito Ltd

Tokunbo Sonowo is an HR Consultant and Recruitment Expert for the Ethnic minority community, providing “Help & Hope” in securing job opportunities to those on a journey into the job market at any level as well as those who want to transition into Senior
Management posts.

Her hands-on experience and educational background in Human Resources up to Masters level has enabled her to sit on over 100+ interview panels and personally reviewed more than 200 applications forms.

Tokunbo started this journey during the pandemic observing that the under represented groups were seriously disadvantaged in the areas of employment leading to the birth of Suscito Ltd.  Through coaching and mentoring she aims to continue to bridge this gap, already recognised through winning the “Influential Role & Mentor Award” in August 2022. An award that targets ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the community Tokunbo helps you:

  • Unravels challenges you face especially in the area of completing long application forms
  • Build’s your confidence and prepares you for a successful interview
  • Support applicants in navigating the entire recruitment process from start to finish with the aim of landing you your dream job
  • Gives guidance and support to various recruitment options into the sector
  • Become part of her 97% success rate of clients who have landed roles in the private & public sectors

Tasha Lawson Volunteer

Tash is great at helping others explore and discover their greatness. She has ample experience in proofreading and editing, from her 3 years working in University of East London as an Advisor.

Tash started her Civil Service Career in 2017 and has had 2 promotions within that time. She has helped others to also secure promotions as well a kick start their own CS careers.

She is naturally curious and is fuelled by her passion for empowering and helping others change their perspectives and be more fulfilled in life.

She is meticulous and well equipped to support you in taking the next step in your journey to greatness.

Adeola Morunfolu Volunteer

Adeola is passionate about helping people see past their inabilities and identifying their strengths and potential to secure their goals and next steps.

With a background working in the Jobcentre helping benefit claimants navigate their difficulties to securing the right training and jobs for them with many success stories. Adeola started her civil service career in 2009 and is currently managing a support team. With great organisational skills and attention to detail, she has a good eye to identify requirements and ensure these are addressed to progress through an application process.

She is helpful and patient to work with anyone to achieve their desired outcome.